ABBA The Museum

May the 6th will always be remembered as a milestone in the Swedish music industry. The grand opening of the ABBA-museum, located at Djurgården in the capital of Stockholm, send the biggest Swedish band ever into eternity. Fans from all parts of the world had gathered outside the museum hoping to see a glimpse of their idols.

“The new museum will give a complete picture of the band, the music and the incredible success we experienced in the ‘70s and ‘80s, something that we haven’t been able to present until now. It will be like an experience-based music documentary that invites the visitor backstage as well as on and in front of the stage”, says Bjorn Ulvaeus.

Artist performing during the night was the crème de la crème of the Swedish music industry.   Moneybrother, Björn ”Hooked on a feeling” Skifs, Tommy Körberg ( star of the musical Chess) and Weeping Willows were some of the performers who all took part of a giant lightshow that hypnotized the audience in all its beauty. Other guest who attended the event were the famous director Lasse Hallstrom, music genius and director Jonas Åkerlund and of course the former members of ABBA. Except for Agnetha Fältskog, she was in London promoting her upcoming solo album.


In all directions the museum is equal to quality and high standards and that of course includesfood and beverage. When the guests arrived on the red carpet Mistingueet were flowing and popping everywhere. The only beer that was served during the opening was Sierra Pale Ale and the guests loved it. They also drank and appreciated the red wine Laviña Tempranillo. Wicked Wine was the main sponsor and all our beverage and role-ups were showed in variety of television broadcasts. The event was filmed and will be showed on the Eurovision Song Contest to 125 million viewers; in a publicity perspective it’s too good to be true. 

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